Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging
Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging
Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging
Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging
Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging
Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging

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Flexible Bird Food Packaging

Anyone with a garden knows how much keeping birds around can really help paint a landscape. Their colorful chirps and feathers can brighten any backyard. As someone who sells bird food and treats, you need bird seed packaging that will attract people in the same way that the bird seed attracts, well, birds!

Bird Food Packaging That Ensures Freshness

Customers who want to attract birds into their yards need bird food that is delicious and fresh. Your typical pet treat bag uses flimsy plastic that leaves the treats exposed to problems like puncture holes, air, UV light, moisture, and odor. The bird food packaging that we offer uses multiple layers of barrier film that been laminated together. Alone, one of these layers wouldn't do much. Combined, they create a bird seed stand up bag that maintains freshness and will leave birds and customers both pleased.

These layers not only keep your bird food safe, but they also allow the package to stand up on its own, hence our company's name. A bird seed stand up bag from us can easily be prominently displayed on pet store shelves across the world. Regular bird food packaging lies flat on shelves, which leads to customers passing it without a second thought. Your bird food bags hold a high-quality product and customers should see this as soon as their eyes meet the pet treat bag. As one of our customers, you can choose whether your bird seed packaging uses Mylar, foil, clear structures, or even metalized film. Each pet treat bag that bears your brand name should properly represent everything your company stands for, which brings us to our next topic...

Bird Food Bags Customized by You!

Since we feel that your bird food packaging should shine and stand out amongst other brands,we give you the option to use our custom-printed bags or stock pouches. If you would like a custom pet treat bag design, go ahead and send in your artwork. After we approve it, you'll receive your order of customized bird food packaging within 3-6 weeks.

On top of this, we provide additional features for both custom-printed and stock pouches. These features include tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, heavy duty zipper tops, and more. Pour spouts are wonderful for bird seed packaging because you can pour the seed directly into the feeder without any mess. Zipper tops are helpful too because then you can reseal the pouch to keep pests out.

 You want the best packaging, and we know what makes the best packaging.  We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Bird Food Packaging Bag / Bird Seed Packaging