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About Packaging Bags & Pouches
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About Packaging Bags & Pouches

Retort Pouch is the Most Reliable Packaging to Pack Food & Beverages Preservative-free

Retort Pouch is a special type of packaging, usually made of materials such as polyester, polypropylene, RCPP or nylon, which has good high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and waterproof performance. Retort Pouch can withstand high temperature and high pressure steaming treatment, so they are commonly used for packaging cooked meat, soy products, dairy products, etc. that require high-temperature sterilization or heat treatment. The main characteristics of retort pouch include:1. High temperature tolerance: Retort Pouch can withstand high temperature and high pressure cooking treatments, and can be used continuously for several hours at temperatures ranging from 120 ℃ to 135 ℃, and even maintain a certain level of tolerance at higher temperatures.2. Corrosion resistance: Retort Oouches have a certain degree of corrosion resistance and can withstand the influence of acidic, alkaline, or salt chemicals, making them less susceptible to corrosion or the production of harmful substances.3. Waterproofness: Retort Pouches have good waterproof performance, are not easily permeable or leaking, and can effectively protect the items inside the packaging from moisture and pollution.4. Good mechanical performance: Retort Pouches have certain tensile and compressive resistance, are not easy to break or deform, and can ensure the integrity and aesthetics of the packaging items.5. Safety: Retort Pouches are safe and odorless, and will not cause harm to the human body. The use of Retort Pouch is very extensive. In terms of food packaging, Retort Pouch can be used to package cooked food, grilled meat, hot pot ingredients, soy products, dairy products, and other foods that require high-temperature sterilization, effectively ensuring the hygiene, safety, and quality of food. Can ensure the quality and stability of the product.In short, Retort Pouches a very useful packaging material with characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproofing, good mechanical properties, and safety, which can effectively ensure the hygiene, safety, and quality of packaging items. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for food safety and hygiene, the application range of Retort Pouches will also become more and more widespread.

What are the material specifications I can get from you?

Our company provides a wide range of custom laminating materials which can meet our clients’ diverse needs. Some of them are Matt-BOPP, BOPP, AL, PA, VMPTE(PETAL), Matt-PET, PET, PP, PE, LLPDE, Milk White PE, CPP, VMCPP(PETAL) and many others.

What artwork files do you accept?

We accept Adobe Illustrator, PSD or PDF. You can save the PDF from your set up and send us the artwork in PDF format. Make sure they are outlined, or you will need send all fonts used in design.

Do you have any retort pouches?

Yes, we are a versatile pouch and bags company.Retort pouch for Pasteurization purpose or 95℃,105℃,121℃, and 135℃ all available, call or email us to know more; we can customize them for you. You will also get our quote for free.

How to Measure a Side Gusset Bag

How to Measure a Stand up Pouch with Zipper and Bottom Gusset

What are the lead times normally?

                                        Our lead times will highly depend on the printing design and style required by our clients. But in most cases, our lead times lead timeline is between 2-4 weeks depends on quantity and payment. We make our shipment through air, express, and sea. Enquire with us on the actual days of delivery to your premises,and we will give you the best quote possible.

Do You Have Custom Labels Services?

Yes, Customized labels available. Call or email us to get more information about this. 

How Do You Pack the Printed Bags and Pouches?

All the printed bags are packed 50pcs or 100pcs one bundle in corrugated carton with wrapping film inside the cartons, with a label marked with bags general information outside the carton. Unless you have specifies otherwise, we reserve the rights to make changes on the carton packs to best accommodate any design, size, and pouch gauge.If need packed with pallets and stretch film we will notice you ahead, special pack requirements like pack 100pcs with individual bags please notice us ahead.

What is the Minimum Number of Pouches I Can Order?

For certain unprinted pouches, 5000 pcs is the minimum quantity you can order. Normally we need 10000-20000pcs for printed pouch, very small bags will need 50000pcs for a start(depends on the size of the bag).

How Long Can I Expect To Get The Samples?

Customized Samples:5-7days after getting the samples chargeSimilar finished Sample:within 2daysDelviery time:3-5days by courier